12 Trenbolone Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of

When you make conscious decisions to take steroids, you should also be aware of the side effects. Trenbolone is one of the anabolic steroids that are consumed by bodybuilders and fitness freaks. Studies show that when Trenbolone is consumed in a low dosage, it does not have an adverse effect on health, but when consumed in higher dosage, it can have some serious effect on the individual’s health and body. It is recommended to use Trenbolone in a small dosage and only after consulting your trainer. Also, the side effects of Tren will vary from individual to individuals based on their age, gender, and lifestyle.

Tren shares similar side effects like other anabolic steroids, but some side effects are purely associated with using Tren. 

The Side Effects Of Tren Are Mentioned Below:

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a nightmare for many, and if you are facing hair loss now, then it is better to stay away from Tren. One of the many known side effects of Tren is hair loss. You will experience a huge loss of hair when using Tren. Since males are more prone to hair loss and balding than females, they should use Tren after giving it some serious thought. 

The ways are there to overcome from this problem. You may need to change your lifestyle, take care of your diet; that is, you may need to add supplements and other foods that are good for hair growth. 

The Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia or otherwise called man-boobs. Many males have complained of developing man-boobs after consuming steroids. This is because Tren messes with the hormone levels in your body. The steroid affects the progestin hormone directly, increasing its level in your body and thereby causing you to develop man-boobs, although, it is not known to interact with the Estrogen hormone. Three hormones mainly class together, and they are considered to be the reason for the development of Gyno in males–progesterone, estrogen, and prolactin. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Many males may face erectile dysfunction after using Tren. Tren causes an increase in the secretion of Prolactin hormone, which causes erectile dysfunction and also anorgasmia. 

To combat this issue, you will have to change your diet. You will have to add foods that are rich in vitamin B6 to balance the hormone level in your body. 

Anxiety And Aggressive Behavior

Have you noticed athletes getting aggressive on the fields, and in general being very tense all the time? That is due to the steroids that they intake to keep in shape. You need to keep in mind that when you intake Tren, it is not only going to mess with your hormone levels but also your emotions and your mood. You will have a hard time controlling your anger and will tend to have very little patience. 

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This is also caused to become overly anxious all the time, and this will ultimately stress you out. The steroid works in a way that weakens you emotionally because of it being androgenic, which is why I feel angry and tensed all the time. It will cause some serious mood swings. Individuals that find it hard to control their temper, often become more aggressive and violent after intaking Tren. 

Individuals who are quick to anger or have anger management issues should avoid Tren. It will not help your case, but make it worse, instead. Although the temper and the anxiety issues lie with the dosage, you should be careful nonetheless. Make sure that you consult a doctor and your trainer first before you decide to use Tren.  

Acne Breakouts

If you are one of the lucky ones, who never had any acne problems, you’re lucky days will be over as soon as you start using Tren. Once you start intaking Tren, you will no longer have clear and glowing skin. The steroid is known to cause acne breakouts. 

Acne is linked to genetics as well. If your mom or dada or sister had a history of acne problems, you are most likely to suffer from the same, but do know this, that if you choose to use Tren even after knowing that it causes pimples, you will be making your acne worse. And this time, it will not be just your face that will be covered in acne and scars, but also your neck and back. 

Increased Heart Rate 

Do you have asthma, or do you have a history of heart problems in your family? If yes, then you should not be going anywhere near Tren. The steroid is known to increase your pulse rate. Your pulse rate will always be on a high once you start using it. Increased pulse rate is not good for those that suffer from heart problems. A high pulse rate at all times can indicate underlying problems and may also place you at risk of experiencing heart attacks. The steroid is associated with causing low pulmonary activity and low cardiovascular activity. 

Cholesterol Issues

You may already know there are two cholesterols–good and bad. As you can already tell, good cholesterol is good for your health, while the bad will cause you some health problems. It is essential to keep the bad cholesterol level in check, to maintain proper health and fitness. When you intake Tren, this disbalances the cholesterol balance in your system. 

To overcome this problem, you need to add more days and hours to exercise and also maintain a good diet. Your exercise routine should contain mostly cardio and aerobic exercises. 

Liver And Kidney Damage

The steroid is known to cause some real damage to the kidneys and the liver. If you have a weak liver or kidneys or suffer from any kind of ailments related to these organs, you must consult your doctor and thoroughly research the damages caused by the steroid Tren on these organs, before you decide to take it. 

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Doctors say that among all other things, Tren is the drug that puts the most pressure on the Kidneys and liver. Do not go over the recommended dose that is, 300mg/week. You should not continue using the steroid after 12 weeks.

Reduce The Natural Testosterone Level 

Your hormones will fluctuate a lot when you use Tren. For males, the steroid is known to reduce testosterone levels. The reduction in the testosterone level may vary from person to person, but it may reduce to 70 percent even!

Fitness trainers will recommend you to opt for The Post Cycle Therapy after you are done taking Tren. The therapy is effective at restoring your testosterone to its right level and balance out the hormones in your body. 

Tren Dick

What can go wrong if you start using Tren other than the ones mentioned above? Your sex life may become hell. Think about it carefully before you decide to use Tren. As soon as you start using Tren, you will experience reduced libido, have problems orgasming, and in the worst, you will have a problem getting it up. 

For the majority of males, suffering from erectile dysfunction is the worst thing that can happen to them. It causes them to struggle emotionally as they feel embarrassed in the bedroom for not being able to perform in bed and satisfy their partner. Once you start abusing Tren, you will face all of these, and it will take years for the side effects to subside. 

Since Tren causes erectile dysfunction in males, the condition is called Tren Dick or Deca Dick. 

Tren Cough

If you think you can handle some mild cough, think about it again. When you take Tren, you do not know how it is going to affect you. Individuals who have taken Tren have complained of experiencing intense coughing episodes later on. The steroid is oil-based, and this oil is no good for your heart. Once you get injected, this oil enters your bloodstream through circulation. Apart from the coughing episode, another risk involved in taking Tren is the oil rupturing the capillary and the intense pain from it. 


This is a side effect that is not as fatal as the ones mentioned above, but surely no one likes sweating all the time for no reason whatsoever. Sweating causes your armpits and the palms of your hands to get wet, and it may also make you smelly to others. This can cause a lot of embarrassment for many. If you are someone who has a problem of sweating too much like sweaty hands and feet, taking Tren will make your sweating worse. 

The best way to reduce sweating is by drinking lots of water and staying hydrated. 


Like there is a special term for people who have erectile dysfunction due to Tren, there is also a special term for people that are suffering from insomnia after intake Tren. 

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Insomnia is a sleeping disorder, whereby individuals are unable to fall asleep. They can go on for hours and a whole day without a wink of sleep. This causes them to feel tired and exhausted the whole day. They will lack concentration and the ability to focus due to the lack of sleep.  

It has been reported that insomnia is quite common among people that take Tren. They mostly stay up the whole night or have restless nights with tossing and turning. This inability to fall asleep causes them a lot of problems in their day to day life. 

People opt for sleeping pills to overcome this issue. They also make use of the sleep tracking apps to keep track of the amount of sleep they are getting in a day. 

Few Things To Keep In Mind When Using Trenbolone

Everything should be consumed in the right amount. Here are a few things that you should consider before you use Tren. 

1.     Do Not Use It In Your First Steroid Cycle

We all want to achieve a great body in the shortest time possible, but that does not mean that you can start intaking Tren to have the body that you want in a few weeks. Do not be a fool, and do not include Teen in the first cycle. If you still go and add Tren in the first cycle, that will be the biggest mistake of your life. 

Unless you have had several steroid cycles before, you should not even think about using Tren. Tren is a powerful steroid; it is always wiser to start with something less strong, get used to it, and then go for stronger ones. Instead of you making the decision here, let your trainer decide for you, and your trainer will most definitely put you on testosterone. 

2.     Do Not Use It As A Base Steroid

Nope, do not even think about using Tren as your base steroid. It cannot be used as a base steroid, and it should not be anyway. Testosterone should be used as a base steroid, and then you can build a cycle. 

Trainers recommend using testosterone as the base steroid to make sure that you do not lose all those muscles you gained after working so hard. 

There is yet another reason why testosterone is always used as a base steroid that is because testosterone does not shut your dick down and give you embarrassment in bed with your partner. It does not affect your dick, but as already mentioned Tren has. 

What Results Should You Expect After Taking Trenbolone?

If you have read through all the texts above and have finally reached here, you have probably made up your mind to take Tren, despite the many side effects and warnings. It is one of the most popular steroids out there simply because of its ability to give you massive strength and muscles in just a few weeks’ worth of time because who does not want to bulk up quickly and show off their shirtless photos on social media?! 

  • Fast bulking
  • Improved food uptake
  • Increased IGF-1 levels
  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Fast recovery

The steroid is mainly used for bulking up and cutting cycles. Since it is a powerful steroid, it can be used to cut cycles and gain muscles faster. There are two types of Trenbolone that are available in the market, such as Trenbolone acetate and Trenbolone enanthate. The form is lauded for being the best cutting steroid, but it can be hard to get your hands on it. The most widely used and available is Trenbolone enanthate. It is also good for cutting. 

Tren works differently than other steroids. Tren increases lipolysis, which is a process that uses stored fat as energy. So when you are using Tren, all the stored fat in your body is being used to create muscles. So you are building muscle, and at the same time, you are burning fat. Hence you end up with a lean body with only muscles and no fat! 

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